Treatment Detail

Thread Lift Treatment

We lose our facial fat as we age. Usually sagging will be visible in areas like cheeks, eyebrows, neck, jawline and the areas around the eyes.
As we age elasticity of the muscles are reduced and more wrinkles will appear, there will also be a loss of definition of the face.

it will also result in losing the definition of the face.
Thread lift is a milestone in the anti aging treatment. It is a face redefining treatment.
Thread lift is a non-surgical procedure, which can be done as a lunchtime treatment as it can be done really quickly.
In a thread lift procedure, threads made of soluble polydioxanone are inserted into the skin using very fine needle and this passes through the tissues tightening the skin.
Threads are available in different sizes and varieties. For different areas different types of threads are used. There are barbed and non barbed threads as well as threads of various lengths.

For some areas of face, jawline and neck non barbed threads are used, whereas for mid face thicker barbed threads are used.
The results are immediately visible and the biggest advantage of this procedure is that it will give you a natural younger looking skin without leaving any visible scars. Further improvement is seen over a few weeks when body’s collagen gets deposited over these threads increasing the firmness and tightness of skin leading to a much younger looking you.

The procedure doesn’t carry any risk factor; it would correct sagging and bring back the lost definition of the face.
Though the procedure guarantees longer results, it varies from person to person.
You may need to repeat the procedure to maintain the youthful tautness.